BlackBerry launches zero trust network access solution

BlackBerry this week unveiled Cylance GATEWAY, an AI-as-a-Service-based Trustless Network Access (ZTNA) solution designed to provide businesses of all sizes with contextual network association and device telemetry along with continuous authentication to limit access to trusted users and devices. Known and approved. The company said Cylance GATEWAY works alongside Cylance PROTECT and Cylance PERSONA to deliver a full suite of use cases, including attack surface management, data security, and identity access management.

“Co#vid has squandered the old castle-and-treat approach to network security, where most employees are no longer confined to corporate campuses but still need a secure, friction-free way to access the resources they need to get their jobs done,” said Billy Hu, EVP of Product Engineering at BlackBerry. “ZTNA’s new Cylance GATEWAY-as-a-Service solution enables businesses to do just that, defending against an evolving threat landscape and providing comprehensive protection for endpoints, users and their identities, the applications and networks they connect to, so businesses can have peace of mind.”

BlackBerry says the product will help solve several real-world challenges that NetOps, SecOps, and IT leaders face when implementing, managing, and scaling secure access solutions, including:

Secure access from any device, on any network, to any app.
Dynamic risk reduction and access control with Cylance AI.
Protected connection and zero-day phishing detection.
Detection of lateral movement attempts using MITER ATT & CK frame rules.
Seamless and secure connectivity for BYOD deployments including connectivity to Microsoft 365 for secure connectivity across the cloud.
Cylance GATEWAY will be available globally in July 2022.

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